2008 - 2009

1) Automatic single-head vacuum capper for Pano caps
The machine features a vibration feeder and centralized size changeover adjustments.

2) Rotolinear volumetric filler 2XP
Featuring full electronic control. The machine is equipped with a “plunger” dispenser system for bottom-up feeding of products that tend to incorporate air.

3) Automatic packaging line for sauces
The line handles glass jars and plastic tubs with Metal detector check before package closure.
This line introduces three important units:
Goldoni linear capper 220L with vertical feeder and cap feeding from bottom.
The first Mass filler M200, single tube for products with particulates such as Bolognaise sauce,  bruschetta sauces, sauce with olives, etc.
The new automatic jar and can washer with steam heating and removable covers

4) Automatic line for packaging rice in boxes
The line is complete with big bag emptying system and pneumatic rice transfer, single-head filler for powders and grains, dynamic accumulation disc, automatic single-head vacuum seaming machine, final coding of packages.

1) Large cap applicator for powdered milk packages
The machine is equipped with a new system for soft loading of caps, cap pressing unit with motor belt, reject ejection system with progressive blowing, production speed over 100 cans/min.

2) Stacked measuring cup feeder, with selection blade and timing screw. Speed over 100/min.

3) Work bench equipped with pneumatic vacuum filler,
new vacuum capper G421, pasteurization tank with direct gas flame heating.
The machine is installed in Greece, in an olive processing and packaging workshop.

4) Chicharrones production plant
New machines were designed to handle this typical Spanish cold meat, which is similar to brawn. The line comprises: volumetric filler with electrical-hydraulic operation, automatic mould press,   manipulator for racks and unloaders, automatic self-adjusting unmoulding machine.



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