1998 - 2002

1) Automatic bagger for cooked hams.
Made for an important salumi factory in Emilia, this machine connects the moulding zone with the pasteurization phase which takes place in a special compartment.
Before the hams are placed inside the bag, a pick and place device places a label on the ham after it has been placed inside the bag. The aluminium-laminated foil bag is pre-seamed to facilitate the subsequent vacuum seaming operations.

2)  Two-nozzle mass filler, for sauces and creams.
The machine is extremely innovative, for the first time weight adjustment is no longer linked to a volume determining its limit, nor to a specific weight changing from product to product or changing with temperature variations.
With the mass filler adjustment is in grams or gram fractions, from zero to infinity; the required value is entered directly on the control panel display and container data can be saved in the memory of the PLC which manages and controls the entire system.

1)  Automatic pasteurizer-cooler for jars and bottles.
The machine is installed in line with the mass filler and the special feature of the system is that all line parameters are controlled from one single control panel. If the pasteurizer has not reached the temperature entered in the recipe, the filler cannot start and vice versa.

Four-piston rotolinear filler 4XP, with direct feeding by product transfer pump. It is the first on the market.

1)  Plastic tub capper for lids with tear-open tamperproof seal. The machine can be adapted for two container sizes
2)  Manifold conveyor for connection of a number of jar packaging lines with power diverters.  A great space saver and safe connection system.

1) Lab for the production of traditional pesto.
This is the smallest lab ever constructed (6 m2) complete with blender, cutter, A1 filler, G42 capper and work bench. In this space they are still producing 2000 jars per day.
2)  Packaging line for mushrooms in oil.
Equipped with the new two-head vacuum filler combined with a G45 linear belt capper.
3) Volumetric feeder for brawn.
This highly original system enables accurate dosing of semiliquid products with particulates, meat mixtures and fruit/vegetable mixes.
Electrical-hydraulic operation; equipped with tub elevator-tilter for product feeding
4)  Compact jar depalletizer
This is the first on the market and is designed to make processing regular and safe even in limited space.
Pallet feeding is by means of standard manual trucks.

1) Automatic self-adjusting blower.
It is the first, with remote adjustment for all standard sizes in the 50 to 160 mm. range.
The machine can handle jars, cans, bottles and is normally combined with a semi-automatic depalletizer.

2) Overcapper
With bulk feeding of lids, output speed is 220 pieces/min.
The system adopted is particularly effective and safe, the error percentage below one per thousand.
The machine is normally used in production in a major food processing company.

3) Automatic cardboard disc feeder
Constructed for an important Greek sweet manufacturer, the machine is complete with a revolver feeder and feeding conveyor with timing screw.

4) Four-head rotary high vacuum capper 194-4.
It works with four different sizes and includes a magnetic disc cap feeder.
The machine is still in the production line in a very important Greek sweet manufacturing company.

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