1993 - 1997

1)  Fully automatic rotary vacuum capper complete with magnetic disc cap feeder/orientator. The machine has four heads and was installed in Greece, where it is still in operation.

2)  Multi-head in-line vacuum capper
Used for the packaging of citrates, it is complete with magnetic cap feeder and is the first of its kind on the market.


Telescopic filler with 12 adjustable pockets.
The machine is complete with product feeder, wear plate, empty can feeding disc. The machine is used for sliced mushrooms, the preserving liquid is brine.

Automatic desalting tanks for vegetables.
The production cycle is fully automated and managed by a control PLC with recipes.
Product discharge at end-of-cycle is automatic.
Goldoni’s new system significantly reduces water use and de-salting time.
The tanks can be used as washing tanks or flavouring tanks.
Each tank is independent and can treat a different product.

2) Automatic can opener for round cans. This is the first of its kind on the market; it features automatic lid recovery and can pressing with reduction of can volume by 7 times.

In this particular case, the system used was with rollers cutting just below the seam.
The can could therefore be re-trimmed and re-used.

1) Complete mayonnaise production line.
Packaging in glass jars with speed over 300 jars/min.
An outstanding design was the 24-piston filler with bottom-up filling.
2) Automatic line for production of pesto and other sauces, with storage and mixing tanks, volumetric filler, linear belt capper complete with automatic cap feeding. It is the first of its kind on the market.

Pasteurizer-cooler for cooked hams
Output up to 500 pieces/hour. The type of system is unique and features the latest temperature and level control systems.
The machine is connected to the production line by a set of modular conveyors.
The unit is completed by a final ham drying tunnel.

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