1988 - 1992

Cooked ham press.
This patented machine is linear and completely automatic.
This was the beginning of automation in cooked ham production, a sector where Goldoni has always been a major player.
Over 100 machines of this type have been made and are still in production today.

1) Automatic deaerator for continuous treatment of cooked ham and other deli meats.
This patented, highly-innovative machine attracted the interest of the major manufacturing companies.
The subsequent development manages to cut costs and reduce its dimensions to the minimum.

2)  Special washing/drying machine for empty cans for caviar packaging.
3) Brine cascade filler for jar and cans of products preserved in brine.
4)  Skip and wheeled tub tilter

Automatic unmoulding machine
This is the first patented model for cooked hams. The machine drastically reduces labour hours and guarantees continuity in ham production cycles.
Many important companies use this equipment.

Large automatic-cycle system for brine production.
The cycle is fully automatic, from water inlet to feeding of salt and of the other ingredients needed. The entire system is on load cells and is controlled by PLC.
We are still in the cooked ham sector, brine is produced instantly on demand of the syringe system so consumption is always proportional to actual output.
The washing cycle for the various tanks is automatic.

1) Multilayer press for Bresaola.
This system enables simultaneous treatment of thousands of pieces; the pressing cycle can be programmed according to the product and is controlled by PLC.

2) Automatic net mesh bagging machine for cured ham
The machine is complete with automatic clipping device.

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