1983 - 1987

1) Automatic salami piercing machine, self-adjusting, for coppa and salami. (Patented)
The machine ensures the natural casing around salami is pierced evenly, to promote uniform draining of water in the delicate, crucial drying phase.
The machine is continuous and can be fed by a number of operators.
The machine is still in production.

2) “Flip-Flop” volumetric filler where the piston is triggered by the product itself.
The product feeding pump directly loads the filler chamber, instead of loading into the traditional hopper.
This way the product does not risk pollution from the environment, the quantity of product in circulation is minimal and the cylinder filling level is better and more accurate. The machine easily handles highly viscous products such as margarine, hand-washing paste, paté, minced meat, Bolognaise sauce, jams, etc.
The Flip flop filler can also fill pesto, artichoke and olive paste, tomato paste, honey.

3) Continuous cycle diced fruit candying machine.
This is a unique kind of machine and is still in perfect running order.

1) System for peeling and toasting almonds for an important sweet manufacturer in Sicily.
2) Automatic continuous clamshell opening machine with high output

1) Automatic turbo-emulsifier for the production of whipped cream.
2) Automatic system for placing bakery products on trays.
3)  Automatic four-nozzle cream filler for dispensing rounds or strips of creams on conveyed sponge cake.
All filler parameters (volume, speed and delivery) are saved in the recipe and checked automatically by the PLC the first time.

Continuous Swiss roll production line.
The machine comprises: cream and jam dispensers, automatic sponge cutter, automatic sponge rolling unit, crushed almond dispenser.

1) Volumetric piston filler with 12-head rotary complete with volume adjustment directly from control panel. Container height adjustment is motor-driven.

2) Automatic filler for minced meat, lard, sauces, Bolognaise and pastes in general.
The machine has four volumetric vacuum heads and is combined with a thermo-packaging machine. This is still in operation in a large salumi factory in Emilia.

3)  Vacuum liquid filler with 12-valve wheel.
The valves are automatic with axial shutter; the operation principle applied is taken from the small preserving liquid filler made in 1980.



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